At Saxe-Coburg we look after investments for private clients, estates and trusts.

We draw on thirty years of experience, managing clients’ funds through the 1994 bond crisis, the 1997 Asian crisis, the 1998 Russian crisis, the tech boom and bust of 2000, the 2007 collapse of finance companies in NZ, and the GFC in 2008. Our economy and currency have been through massive cycles and NZ investors have seen big changes to NZ’s investment tax rules (October 2007).

All of these required a response, and at Saxe-Coburg, we responded to position our clients’ portfolios appropriately.  None of our clients lost a cent in NZ finance company debentures, and in late 2007, we moved to significantly reduce international equity exposure ahead of the GFC, saving our clients millions of dollars.

Saxe-Coburg has an open mind when assessing all investment options available to NZ investors.  You can trust us to assess every option on its appropriateness and suitability to your needs and objectives.

We select our own investments, carry out our own research, and operate freely, without the straight jacket of relative returns, market benchmarks or asset allocation models.

We try to provide a service that combines good investment returns with a high level of personalised care and service.  Every client has their own distinctive portfolio and investment mandate.  We provide quarterly or six monthly personalised reports to you, depending on your preference, and most importantly, we are available 24/7 to discuss any concern that you may have.  Under our discretionary investment management service, we also provide independent third party quarterly and annual reports to you in accordance with our obligations under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 and the Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014.



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