Now is the Time for Alternatives

Saxe Coburg specializes in alternative investment strategies.  The question investors are asking themselves is "With interest rates so low (bonds so expensive) how do we get a reasonable return whilst managing downside risk?".    The answer is in 'alternatives' like Trafalgar Trading - click here to read more

Now is the Time for Alternatives

Saxe Coburg specialise in alternative investment strategies.  Our clients have been invested in the Maga Smaller Companies fund since August 2011.  So far in 2020 this fund is up 7.1% versus a fall of -18.5% for the MSCI Europe index, bringing returns from inception in April 2004 to 229% versus the market's 150%.  Manager Andrew Gibbs was outstanding in 2008 and now again in 2020.  In Maga's March quarterly newsletter he explains the signs which led to his defensive positioning ahead of the March meltdown, and some insights of what may lie ahead.


Click here to read Maga Smalls' March quarterly report

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