A Modern, Behaviour-Aware Approach to Asset Allocation

This paper from Newfound research expresses many of the views we have at Saxe-Coburg which underpin our approach to investing.  They question assumptions around the normal distribution, expected returns, volatility and correlations of asset class returns.  They also explore why traditional asset allocation models may not be suitable going forward, and suggest alternative asset classes which should be considered to achieve effective diversification.  READ MORE

We spend most of our time researching boutique managers with small teams

There are many reasons we prefer to invest alongside small and focused teams. and this article talks about some of those.  While in the current period, market driven strategies are producing amazing returns, that will not last forever, and we believe boutique managers, with their own capital at risk, and with risk based strategies will come into their own again.  READ MORE

Portfolio managers shun investing in own funds

Do fund managers with 'skin in the game' perform better?   Although this article and accompanying reserach is a few years old, it unsurprisingly confirms that portfolio managers who are invested in their own strategies perform better.  More specifically, those managers who are heavily invested perform even better. 

This aligns with Saxe-Coburg's practice of only investing in funds where the manager has a significant portion of their liquid wealth invested in their fund.



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