Questions to ask your Fund Manager

One of the managers we have selected in King Tide has written a note on "Questions to ask your Fund Manager".

Timing the Market

We have recently added Firetrail Absolute Return Fund to our portolios.

Patrick Hodgens, Firetrails Managing Director explains why "Timing the Market" is a nice thought, but difficult in practice.

Risks and Opportunities in today’s market

In a recent presentation Kerr Neilson, founder and CEO of Platinum Asset Management, told the audience that the current economic environment presents a "situation that is actually quite rate".  Almost all economic indicators are "extremely positive"; everything from global PMIs, to metal prices, oil prices, and even company earnings, have been on the rise.  But how do you approach a bull market that may be in its latter stages?  Kerr said: "Here's the problem we face as fund managers.  If you go out too early, let's say by six months, you could leave 14% on the table.  If you leave late, you might be down 10% within six months.  So, what do you do?"   To watch the full video presentation click on the link here.



Business model disruption has barely begun

Howard Marks says that second level thinking is essential to be a successful investor.  In this article, Hamish Douglas of Magellan provides some insights into what this means, whilst describing the significant changes which are occurring in businesses today.

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